San Sebastian – Foodie Heaven!

Today’s mini travel guide takes us to San Sebastian. I have a piece specifically just about the amazing food locations here but here’s some key highlights to introduce you to this beautiful city.

View point…

Monte Urgell, after a gentle climb you are rewarded with an old fortress and beautiful views across La Concha Beach.

Insta shot..

If you take the coastal path from Hotel Maria Cristina towards the harbor and La Conch beach there are beautiful views of the fishing boats, the historic buildings and Santa Clara Island. A great panaromic photo opportunity.

Something different..

Check out the success and life story of a famous seamstress, at the Balenciaga museumn just a short drive from the city centre.

Something active..

If you have time I’d book in for a surfing lesson at Zurriola Beach. Such a great way to fit in something active in a great spot for it. You can also earn yourself some more pinxtos!

Something to drink..

Txakoil, a light sparkling wine is a must here. Even just to witness the impressive way it is traditionally served. They pour it from the bottle at height to release its flavours as it splashes into the glass. It’s worth a try too!

Something to eat..

The food here is simply incredible. There are so many places to try. We booked on to an incredible walking food tour – more on this coming soon!

Something interesting..

The charming old city center, Parte Vieja is famous for having the highest concentration of bars in the world!

Enjoy, CityGirl Xx

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