Beautiful Bruges – Travel guide

Bruges has to be one of the prettiest places I’ve visited so far. Cobbled streets and horse drawn carriages follow pretty canals and it’s hard to find an area that doesn’t provide a beautiful photo opportunity. Chocolate shops and delicious food are just an additional bonus to what can only be described as a piece of art in itself.

View point…

Climbing to the top of the Belfy Bell Tower gives you sweeping views of Bruges and the walk up the winding staircase (366 steps!) gives you a great sense of fulfilment and a guilt free excuse to eat more belgian chocolate. It’s in a great location and is a must see place to visit in Bruges. Avoid queues by getting there early or as the sun sets.

Insta shot..

Sometimes th best photo shot is unique but with Bruges I’d argue that the city in itself is a hidden gem. It’s stunning and just walking around presents an abundance of photo opportunities. I would stick to the iconic shot of the canal close to the fishermans square for the best addition to your instagram feed.

Something different..

The weather can sometimes be a little miserable and for that reason you can find lots of great things to do on a rainy day in Bruges. Apart from the obvious, the Chocolate and Beer museums also check out the Torture museum and the Friet Museum. We really enjoyed the experience and opportunity to learn about something we love (Fries!) and something we might look to avoid (Torture!). Both were fascinating though.

Something active..

I would argue that walking, walking, walking is the best opportunity to be active in this city. It’s beautiful and there are lots of great atrractions on the outskirts of the city. A walk to see the windmills and the nuns home is an unforgettable experience. Map it out and put some comfortable shoes on. There’s a good chance you’ll stroll past a perfect pitstop for gorgeous hot chocolate and belgian fries

Something to drink..

We were so excited to stroll past ‘The Beer Wall’ and inside we had the chance to enjoy a beer tasting. 4 samples of beers in great flavours including coconut and cherry are on offer and served with nibbles. The place has a great atmosphere and with 1,721 different brands of belgian beers on display it’s a great place to stop off and enjoy the boozy part of Belgian culture.

Something to eat..

It would be rude not to mention the classic cuisine on offer here, beautiful chocolates presented so perfectly, and belgian fries available throughout the city. For an occasion dinner I’d recommend Quatre Mains for gorgeous sharing food served in a modern setting and Mosselkelder for fresh mussels and seafood. If you want to try a warm flemish stew check out ‘T Walpoortje. It goes beautifully with a raspberry cider.

Something interesting..

Bruges is currently home to 3 impressive art exhibitions, Pablo Picasso, Savador Dali and Joan Miro. You can buy a ticket for all three at a discount and they are not too huge or overwhelming. A great opportunity to enjoy the cultural and arty side of Bruges.

Enjoy, CityGirl Xx

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