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Rome is simply stunning, and just iconic! The Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps.. the List goes on! And just being in this city feels like a majestic step back in time. I just love it which is why I’ve been back twice! It would be easy for me to make this blog with a city that offers so many incredible places to visit so I thought I’d challenge myself and do what I love best. I’ve tried to search for hidden gems and spent my second visit on a mission to show you an alternative side to Rome. If you want to try something different you really wouldn’t be disappointed.


Best Viewpoint..

Who doesn’t love spending a sunset on a rooftop with a prosecco in hand? And it would be rude not to mention ‘when in Rome’ in this blog so I’ll get it out of the way now. Luckily Rome has quite a few that offer breath-taking views of the city. Our favourite has to be Eitch Borromini which is positioned in the historical centre close to the Pantheon. The terrace has a 360 degree view of Rome, that almost no other rooftop bar in the city can offer. Even the locals here wandered around snapping photos of the gorgeous skyline in between sips of their drinks. And an aperitvo arrives with each drink so although it is a little luxurious it really is worth it. Best to book in advance.

Insta shot…

Street Art is encouraged by local institutions in Rome and as a result there are quite a few tours in operation. But if you just fancy a wander Metro Spagna has been recently involved in a non-profit contemporary urban art project. Here, widely known French worked together for two days to convert this high-trafficked area into something worth visiting, just before the iconic Spanish Steps. A great photo opportunity for an alternative trip in Rome.

Something different…

Well the whole blog is suggesting this but here’s my top suggestion. Why not take a visit to the other Colosseum? The Palazzo della Civilta Italiana or more commonly referred to as ‘The Square Colosseum’. An impressive structure in the EUR suburb which was built by Italy’s infamous dictator Mussolini. Every Sunday a flea market takes place at the foot of the building and although it has a controversial history there’s no doubt of its iconic beauty. It has also appeared in a number of films including ‘Equilibrium’


Something active…

I was fortunate enough to find some time to fit in a run on my break. Rome is stunning and so impressive to seriously impressive ancient buildings sat beside modern coffee shops. It was great to cover so much ground on foot, and the sights helped me to keep pushing on. I loved making my way into Villa Borghese park past the boating lake and the gardens. If you’re feeling even more adventurous they host a well-regarded marathon in May which features on many people’s running bucket list.

Something to drink…

The first time I visited Rome, I struggled to find a nice post-dinner bar or any nightlife that didn’t involve more food! So this time I decided to do my research and that sent me on my way to Trastevere. Even on the walk over, slightly warmed by a few red wines I was stunned at the beautiful bridges and canal reflections of Ponte Sisto, so with a quick photo break we finally ended up at the cobble stoned area of Trastevere. To my delight there were plenty of bars to choose from, small in size but offering lots of character. It’s certainly worth a visit if you want to meet some locals, drink some limoncello (which is only ever a good idea after wine!) and dance off some of Rome’s glorious gelato.

Something to eat…

For a chance to sample some of the best produce in Rome head to Campi dei Fiori. In this square, otherwise known as ‘the field of flowers’ one of the most famous markets in Rome is held. The beautiful square surrounded by elegant palaces is full of the bustling markets every morning except Sunday. Colorful produce is beautifully arranged everywhere, and you can’t stop taking photos. There are also food and small gifts that can be purchased far cheaper than other places in the city. Grab a slice of pizza, pick up some beautiful Italian prosciutto and enjoy!

Something interesting…

The Romans constructed numerous aqueducts to bring water into cities and towns—often from distant sources. I really could not believe how incredible they were up close and I couldn’t recommend seeing them enough. They a colossal and how they were built is still a marvel today. I’d definitely say they are must see part of Rome and a perfect addition to seeing this beautiful city from a different perspective.

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