new recipe: mushroom, chickpea and turmeric one-pot

I have been experimenting with different flavours inspired by some research into my next adventure to Morocco.

I have described some of my master pieces in the past as ‘one bowl wonders’ and can be the perfect dinner to save for leftover lunches too, (Okay – they might not have all been a master piece and it could be seen as a lazy style of cooking!). I also love my collection of artisan bowls so it gives me a great chance to show you these too.

I have a very relaxed style of cooking. I don’t tend to weigh out the ingredients and if you prefer an item feel free to add more, or if you have some veggie leftovers feel free to throw those in.


one pack chestnut mushrooms – chopped into quarters

half pack cherry tomatoes – chopped in half

one can chickpeas

one onion – chopped

handful chopped apricots


one red chilli



coriander or pine nuts to serve


Fry the onion in coconut oil until softened, add turmeric, chilli and cumin and cook for another minute.

Add mushrooms and tomatoes. Season and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add dates and chickpeas and continue to simmer with a little splash of water.

Meanwhile, cook quinoa according to to the packet instructions. Once this is done add to the mushroom and chickpeas and mix.

Scoop a large portion into a bowl and add coriander and pine nuts to serve.

Enjoy x

I’m in love with this bowl and spoon set I found at Broadway Market in East London from Etchd home. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted from the finest thin ceramics and individually hand-etched with a crosshatch design and matte charcoal finish. (The spoon is made from coconut wood.)

Their ethos lies in the cultivation of artisan skills coupled with good design. We choose to work closely with family-owned businesses in Vietnam who benefit from generations of traditional handicraft skills and ensure they are passed on to future generations.


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